Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fashion + friends + food

made a new friend!!

a big thank you to Su-Estilo for the gorgeous asymmetrical top! the shade of nude is just right against my tanned skin. and the draping is so gorgeous! gah... and its so versatile. you can also turn it into a crop top by tying the ends into a knot. will probably do another outfit post with this top to show its versatility! (:
skirt:cotton on
accessories: diva
belt: mom's :p
shoes: mng

. . .
delicious food and a handful of amazing people!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

cake for breakfast

a teeny weeny post about breakfast, again. my mom's friend gave us a box of these delicious hokkaido cakes! couldn't not take pictures before devouring it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

beating the heat

a week ago my friends and i got together for a shoot! (yes, the love for photography is pretty much in all of us). I thought it was quite amusing how there was going to be 4 photographers and 2 models. to be specific, chris, mel, serena and i were the photographers and jules and amanda the models. but nevertheless we all got some good shots. the only thing that kept us feeling lethargic and drench in sweat was the blazing heat and sun rays. we learned our lesson that day. never to shoot outdoors at noon.

anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures!

. . .

behind the scenes

all pictures by me

Monday, August 22, 2011

sometimes i wish i were a gypsy

my dog, Husky, playing with serena's crocs :p

the weather was lovely!

all photos by Serena xx

had so much fun shooting with my good friend, Serena! So i wanted to do something different this time; hence i went for the gypsy look! but honestly i don't think i portrayed enough 'gypsyness' to the look. but still loved how the accessories complimented the dress(:

. . .

i've never seen a dress like this before. so when i got it i tried it on immediately! pretty much swooning the whole time i was wearing it(: the chiffon is super soft and i like how its in a nude colour; easy to mix and match, no? (:

dress: Su-estilo
accessories: diva

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a cup of joy

hi world! its been a week since i last blogged and im sorry for the sudden disappearing act! well to me 7 days feels rather prolonged.
in the last week i've been busy at final assignments and projects and whatnots. also, i just got my semester break which i've been waiting at for what seems like eternity! so, a big YAY.

. . .

anyway, this post was supposed to be published approximately 3 weeks ago? (haha). however i just couldn't find the 'right time' to upload and blog about it. i admit, im a huge procrastinator/bum. oh well! at least im getting myself to blog now it now right? (:

if you guys have been following my blog, you'll know that i love taking pictures of food/random objects. but mostly food. so, here are a bunch of photos of what i ate for breakfast ( THREE WEEKS AGO ! ) hehe

greek yogurt + oats + banana + blue berries + raisins + cranberry jam = yum!

Monday, August 8, 2011

breakfast with the geisha

photos edited by me, beautifully captured by a dear friend, Serena Gan.

A very spontaneous shoot this was. This was taken in my bedroom. Being the crazy and adventurous self i am, i climbed out onto the roof right outside my window (3rd last and last picture).

and i think you can tell that im pretty much in love with my new found "ysl" ring i recently purchased! and oh boy was it a steal.

. . .

meanwhile, i'm going through a crazy week preparing and studying and completing final projects/exams/assignments. oh i can almost taste freedom! just one more week, suelyn! (is it weird that i talk in 3rd person? i tend to do that)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

friends and a salad bar

On tuesday my close friends (serena and amanda) and i had a very spontaneous lunch together. We met at a nearby restaurant called Salad Bar. And guess what we ordered! :p

that's what i ordered. i think its called teriyaki chicken salad? or something along that line. it tasted yummy with their special peanut dressing

the menu, which explains the benefits of their products. i think it kinda makes you feel good about yourself after reading the benefits. well it did for me!

serena's lunch. she's a vegetarian so no meat(:

opted for fresh orange juice. i think the colours here are kinda pretty.

amanda's aglio olio. she found it too oily. but in my opinion, that's the point! (haha)

they look so happy(: it must be the healthy stuff!

i like that plant.

I'll post what i wore that day another time. I'm too sleepy and lazy right now. goodnight and i love you!