Monday, August 8, 2011

breakfast with the geisha

photos edited by me, beautifully captured by a dear friend, Serena Gan.

A very spontaneous shoot this was. This was taken in my bedroom. Being the crazy and adventurous self i am, i climbed out onto the roof right outside my window (3rd last and last picture).

and i think you can tell that im pretty much in love with my new found "ysl" ring i recently purchased! and oh boy was it a steal.

. . .

meanwhile, i'm going through a crazy week preparing and studying and completing final projects/exams/assignments. oh i can almost taste freedom! just one more week, suelyn! (is it weird that i talk in 3rd person? i tend to do that)


  1. thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment! <3 hehe i'm so glad to have met you too! (: while we still can't meet (because of my upcoming trials and stuff) i hope we can snail mail! haha that'd be fun, i'd think. :3 you look so lovely in these photos, what camera were they taken on? <3 btw, la sardina is a new lomo camera! xxx

  2. you got THE YSL right? OMGOSH I AM JEALOUS! You have the best airy pictures ever! Like youre living in a fairytale, too pretty! And your breakfast always make me hungggry, yum! xxAnisa

  3. answer:Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!;D I 'm reallt happy you visit my blog!!*_*

  4. These pictures are so gorgeous! I love the lighting in them. Good luck with your finals!

  5. These pictures are so lovelies ! Love them all !

    xoxo, M.

  6. lovely shirt, lovely breakfast, lovely everything.