Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a cup of joy

hi world! its been a week since i last blogged and im sorry for the sudden disappearing act! well to me 7 days feels rather prolonged.
in the last week i've been busy at final assignments and projects and whatnots. also, i just got my semester break which i've been waiting at for what seems like eternity! so, a big YAY.

. . .

anyway, this post was supposed to be published approximately 3 weeks ago? (haha). however i just couldn't find the 'right time' to upload and blog about it. i admit, im a huge procrastinator/bum. oh well! at least im getting myself to blog now it now right? (:

if you guys have been following my blog, you'll know that i love taking pictures of food/random objects. but mostly food. so, here are a bunch of photos of what i ate for breakfast ( THREE WEEKS AGO ! ) hehe

greek yogurt + oats + banana + blue berries + raisins + cranberry jam = yum!


  1. mmm yummy. <3 it looks so good! ah i can never seem to find greek yogurt or blueberries anywhere! ): where did you get them from? hehe. (: btw, i used the only lens that i own (for now) for all the photos on my blog! hehehe. (: xxx

  2. aww the two little blueberries look so adorable, and i wish i had a tablecloth like yours! so 1950s, lovely and picnicy xx misstea & co.

  3. this breakfast seems really yummy.

  4. You just made me eat :-)




  5. That looks so delicious! You have a new follower, hello! :)

  6. this is so cute and sweet!
    the photos are lovely as always ♥

  7. Your foodie diary photos are AMAZING, I'm always jealous of what you eat! So healthy, scrumptious and well photographed ;) xxAnisa