Monday, August 22, 2011

sometimes i wish i were a gypsy

my dog, Husky, playing with serena's crocs :p

the weather was lovely!

all photos by Serena xx

had so much fun shooting with my good friend, Serena! So i wanted to do something different this time; hence i went for the gypsy look! but honestly i don't think i portrayed enough 'gypsyness' to the look. but still loved how the accessories complimented the dress(:

. . .

i've never seen a dress like this before. so when i got it i tried it on immediately! pretty much swooning the whole time i was wearing it(: the chiffon is super soft and i like how its in a nude colour; easy to mix and match, no? (:

dress: Su-estilo
accessories: diva


  1. It looks so pretty, I love the draping. Your dog is adorable, mine always runs off with my shoes.

  2. beautiful pictures!! U look gorgeous, love ur dress!!

  3. Lovely dress! It looks so ethereal and heavenly against the backdrop.

  4. Beautiful pictures, I'm in love with all your bracelets! xo

  5. one of my favorite outfits from you! <3 and um, how cool is it that we both happen to have friends named serena who are leaving malaysia?! +are these photos on film? xxx

  6. ah-may-zingggggggggg, i love the graininess/ blurriness :DDD