Friday, June 28, 2013


W E A R I N G :
Top : Uniqueens  //  Skirt : Zara

Today was wonderful. To keep it short, in point form it went somewhat like this : -met up with one of my best friend's -yummiest vegetarian lunch -heart to hearts -tears and laughter -hugs -photo sessions at a beautiful place filled with bright pink bougainvilleas -being with an amazing friend.

Serena is her name, by the way. I've blogged about her quite a number of times here on my blog. She's usually behind the camera helping me take my outfit photos. But as you can see below, I obliged her to stand against the flowers to take her photo - she's so camera shy. Here, I'm wearing a top sponsored by Uniqueens. I really do fancy the scallop patterns on it. The material is also so comfy - I could wear it all day. 

Friday, June 7, 2013


W E A R I N G : 
Top : Twenty3  //  Shoes : The Fickle One

Hello. It's been quiet around here and my other social platforms lately. I guess I just need to concentrate on college stuff and more importantly, just living life without having to blog about it. I missed that. Blogging is great - don't get me wrong. But a shift from having to tell the world about your life to just writing it down in my journal and talking to God is a nice change. 

Hope everyone is swell and enjoying moments of life! If you feel like you're moving too fast and can't find your feet, slow down and just breathe. Reflect on your life and find yourself again. Don't miss out on the beautiful things in life - you know.. the little things that are priceless in this world.

photos by Mesh

Saturday, June 1, 2013


photos taken by Mesh

Top : Uniqueens  |  Shorts : Thrifted |  Bag : Mom's

Hello friends! I know, i know. This blog has been pretty quiet lately. I don't seem to find the motivation to blog nowadays. Ever since instagram took over and has become so addictive, that's where I'm usually documenting my life. But somehow, I always find that blogging will be more personal. We'll see when the next update on this blog will be. Hah! 

 "God's blessings are meant to be shared, not hoarded"