Saturday, September 21, 2013


I've noticed that I've been wearing lots of basic and plain clothes lately. I'm not sure why the sudden diversion, but I am enjoying jeans so much more now that I've found a perfect fit. I'm wearing less skirts and more pants.. I guess this is the tomboy side of me? 

Simple but oh SO comfy -- this gray top from 6ixthSense is perfect for everyday wear. I could just sleep in it. I think I might.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hi everyone. I'd like to share exciting news with you guys. So for the past few months ago, during my semester break, I started a personal project. The project was called 'Cookie Project for God'. At that time of my life, I felt the urge to spread His love to the people around me (physically or not). Hence, I used Instagram as a platform for me to share my work. So everyday from then (not always consistent though), I baked cookies that were relevant to inspiring quotes/bible verses I stumbled across. I would take a photo of it, and then publish it on my Instagram account. I did this for a month or so - and came up with 21 photos at the end of the project. 

I received many comments saying that this Cookie Project has helped encouraged them - spiritually or in general. And that feeling I got, from helping making others feel better, is just priceless. I also received a comment saying I should print the photos out and sell them. Then it hit me and I thought, "I really should". 

So after a long process of test printing/research/other stuff that's essential for running your own business, I've finally settled down and am ready to say that the Cookie Project prints are for sale!

I have collaborated with Snackfood, a Malaysian brand that sells all things quirky, vintage and happy. I was blessed enough to have a space in Snackfood to sell my prints at their physical store located in Bangsar. I have always loved the concept of the Snackfood branding. So this is pretty much like a dream to me. Do check out the online store or pay the physical store a visit if you're in Malaysia!

Snackfood is providing local online shipping as well. So if you're in Malaysia and you're interested to purchase the card(s), feel free to email them to place your order! :)

To make an order or if you have any questions, please drop me an email at

Thanks for stopping by and God bless! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today, I had a breakfast date with my cousin, Kyeli. Kudos to her for helping me snap these outfit photos. This sweet and very lovely top from 6thSense is a new favourite now. It goes really well with all my other pale and dark clothes. I'm just lovin the sleeves and the front detailing! 

Click here for the link to the blouse I'm wearing.