Friday, November 25, 2011

Laced Details

credits to nadine

laced top: Su-estilo
skirt: forever21
shoes: singapore
bow hair pin: DIY from leftover ribbon

hello! so here's what i wore today to college. my day was pretty exhausting. no, this whole week has been exhausting. this semester has been the most challenging semester, to me. there's so much of work to do and so little time to do it.

. . .

i really like this sheer top that my sponsor Su-Estilo sent me. there's everything i like in one piece! gorgeous lace detailing at the back, its sheer, and the collar is cute! my friends said i looked like i dressed for high school. haha

Saturday, November 19, 2011

phone photos

here are some random photos i found in my phone.

-baking sessions with the cousins
-a new notebook set my mom got me. (obsessions with notebooks!)
-japanese plant taken in Tokyo Street in pavilion
-tribal shirt i wanted to get badly but didn't.
-red velvet cupcakes looking so cute
-xmas deco's in pavilion mall(i wanted to ride on the carousel!)
-glitter shoes i told you about!
-Pretty Petals packaging design/ school assignment

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

painting the town red

celebrated my 19th birthday with my girlfriends from college! we went to a japanese buffet restaurant and stuffed our tummies to the brim. it was a fun night. lots of laughter and happy bloated faces. we got dolled up that night and boy did they look gorgeous! i wore that red velvet dress (above) with white leggings. and had a big red bow in my hair. i felt like some disney princess. anyway, i'll post a proper birthday post when i find some time. au revoir!

Monday, November 7, 2011


and then it hit me. im already a year older. not eighteen anymore. but nineteen.

honestly, its been such an amazing year for me. i've seen, tried and accomplished more than i thought i could. i've discovered new friends, started by own business (tote loving), had opportunities to design as a freelancer, received a sponsorship, took more photos than ever, learned something new everyday, discovered things about myself that i never knew before, and the list goes on...

but i couldn't have achieved any of it by my own strength. truly it was only by the mercy and grace of the lord. everyday he walked with me. even on days where i neglected Him, pushed Him aside because i was too busy with my own goals of life. He constantly knocked on my door, waiting for me to answer it. but my mind had been more occupied with worldly things..

This year.. is a colourful year. but its only nothingness if my spiritual walk with God isn't right. there are many times when i tried to get back on my feet and walked the right path, God's path. yet many times i failed. its so difficult to mend those wounds. especially with this pace i've set myself on.

so with a new birthday, a new beginning more like it, i want to pursue this as my ultimate goal in life; putting Jesus first.