Saturday, November 19, 2011

phone photos

here are some random photos i found in my phone.

-baking sessions with the cousins
-a new notebook set my mom got me. (obsessions with notebooks!)
-japanese plant taken in Tokyo Street in pavilion
-tribal shirt i wanted to get badly but didn't.
-red velvet cupcakes looking so cute
-xmas deco's in pavilion mall(i wanted to ride on the carousel!)
-glitter shoes i told you about!
-Pretty Petals packaging design/ school assignment


  1. these photos are so lovely and soft. :3 and my exams are going okay so far! thanks for asking, hun. :) i love your glitter shoes and well done on your assignment! they look so lovely. xx

  2. love it! the cupcakes and glittery shoes make me smile :) xxAnisa