Saturday, July 30, 2011

snapshots of the week

this week: girl talks by the lake, food, food, food.

. . .

don't really feel like writing much today. my whole weekend is/will be pretty much this : sleep eat breathe assignments. HELP!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

lilac rosettes

this pretty dress arrived at my doorstep not too long ago from Su-Estilo. since then, i couldn't take my eyes off it! it was love at first sight(:

the best part of the dress is the detailing of the roses! each little rose sewed on to perfection.

the colour is a lovely shade of lilac in pastel tones. hence, easy to mix and match with other colours!

don't mind me while i dance and prance around in this dream of roses!

if you're thinking of getting one, you better do it quick! this dress is only available in a peach colour now. its rather pretty!

clogs: cottonon
bag: mom's vintage

Friday, July 22, 2011

maybe its magic

via tumblr

photos that could slightly show how i feel at this very moment. i love the feeling after watching a good film. as for me, it was The Time Travelers Wife. i can watch it over and over again. i really love Rachel's acting. she just fits the role of the wife/lover so well. i really think you should watch it. if you do, watch it alone. cause... well. you might shed.

a lot.

or maybe i just have a fragile heart.

"sometimes i just want to escape from reality, just curl up in my bed, read a good book, and pretend im in a completely different world"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Urbanscapes '11

Last week i attended Urbanscapes (a creative art festival), for the very first time. I'm still wondering why i haven't heard about it until this year. I really enjoyed myself there; although all i really did was shop. There were so many thrift stores that sold unique things at really good bargains. Unfortunately me and my friend Juliana didn't bring as much cash as we would have liked to if we knew there was gonna be that much of lovely things for sale!

cute fabrics! i got some for myself too.

very very pretty lip balm packaging!!

juliana doing what she does best ; shopping!

handmade soap that smelled rather sweet

rings galore! no, this is just a teeny weeny section.

my girls thrifting!

dessert spread that looked absolutely yummy! regretted not trying those macaroons!! ):

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Su-Estilo Sponsorship

Exciting news! May and Claire, owners of online store,, contacted me
and wondered if they could be a sponsor for Twist Chic.

And obviously i said yes(: Who would reject an opportunity like this, right?

Su-Estilo sells really lovely clothes and accessories. Each and every garment hand picked by them. The collections consists of really chic and fun clothes! Won't hurt to have a browse through their website! CLICK HERE!

thank you Su-Estilo for the beautiful skirt!

maxi skirt:
top + clutch : local brands
blue ring: DIY
clogs: cotton on

Saturday, July 16, 2011

snapshots of the week

whole grain cereal that i never get bored of

a new notebook i recently purchased to keep me on track with my hectic life( and also because its incredibly cute)

dinner on the go

new boater hat ring to add on to my fingers

playing with my breakfast.

. . .

just a few random photos and a quick post. off i go, hopefully making it through alive after next week. so many assignments and things to do!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

love is calling you

it was hot! that's all i can remember. but, im pretty sure i had fun in this shoot! there was some pictures of me standing on a log prancing and wobbling like a silly fool. but, i really find them so embarrassing so maybe i will stray from uploading them here (haha!)

pretty flowers ( could someone tell me the name of these please!) that helped made this post even more whimsical!

lace top: forever 21 ( given to me by my generous cousins)
silky ribbon shorts: local brand
lace headband: Diva

Monday, July 11, 2011

milk and bon bons

yesterday was a lazy and unproductive sunday, as always. i don't know why but i always feel lethargic on sundays; especially after lunch. hence, i often rush my assignments and it disappoints me.

recently i have found a new passion/hobby (if you have been reading my blog i think you will notice?). and that hobby is simply taking pictures of food. i call it foodography! (:

ok so i was rummaging through my fridge to find something cute as props (haha). and i also had to take in mind the colour scheme i was heading for. which is, as you can see in the pictures, pinkish tones! hence, the milk and little bon bons( i have no idea what they're called but i used to eat them when i was little!)

photographing these cute things make me so happy(!) i like adjusting where it should be placed, playing with the composition, the lighting, what props to add in, making sure everything is close to perfect, yada yada...

dont they look so cute stacked ._.

i just had to dive in and eat one.

*doorbell* - went to answer it....

*walks back*
whatonearth!? DARN RATS!