Saturday, July 16, 2011

snapshots of the week

whole grain cereal that i never get bored of

a new notebook i recently purchased to keep me on track with my hectic life( and also because its incredibly cute)

dinner on the go

new boater hat ring to add on to my fingers

playing with my breakfast.

. . .

just a few random photos and a quick post. off i go, hopefully making it through alive after next week. so many assignments and things to do!


  1. i love your photographs so much! <3 that journal is adorable, i love it! where did you get it from? (: xxx

  2. Cutieeeees!Lovely post!the photos are awesome :)

  3. oooh i have that boater hat ring toooo hehehe

  4. your photos are so beautiful! I LOVE how you play with your food. and that cute ring. following you :)


  5. Tasha: thanks girl! you can get one for yourself too! i highly recommend it(: /

    Despina: thank you!

    Misstea: haha cool! they sell it in Aussie too?(:

    Chelsea: aw thanks love! i think you'll see alot of 'food playing' here in the future(: haha

  6. haha I love how cute your photos always are! The last one cracked me up! ITs way too cute to be consumed! And that planner is adorable! Mine is just plain ol black, love it still, but yours is too sweet! xxAnisa

  7. Lovely post and photography!

  8. love the snapshots !

    lovely blog !

    xoxo, M.

  9. such simple and beautiful photography! Your breakfast looks so cute! absolutely lovely :)