Wednesday, July 13, 2011

love is calling you

it was hot! that's all i can remember. but, im pretty sure i had fun in this shoot! there was some pictures of me standing on a log prancing and wobbling like a silly fool. but, i really find them so embarrassing so maybe i will stray from uploading them here (haha!)

pretty flowers ( could someone tell me the name of these please!) that helped made this post even more whimsical!

lace top: forever 21 ( given to me by my generous cousins)
silky ribbon shorts: local brand
lace headband: Diva


  1. just lovely and a little girly in good way! :)

  2. Love the way you edit your photos! You should do a tutorial :)

  3. thank you for commenting on my blog sue! oh wow, i must say you have such an adorable blog! not only do you put together beautiful outfits, but you take really nice photos too! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog ^____^ xx misstea & co.

  4. you've a gorgeous blog and I love your style! those shorts are so cute ;)
    I'm following you now, wish you follow me back ;)
    xx Luna

  5. amazingly cute!!!love shorts :)

  6. love love love! <3 and those flowers are bougainvilleas aren't they? xxx

  7. love the effect to these photos!
    suits the outfit very well =)
    you look very lovely ♥

  8. Sandra: you're so sweet, thank you!

    DearMadeleine: Thank you(: I'll take your request in mind! (hopefully once i am less busy)

    MissTea: Fiona, you are the sweetest girl! You've been commenting on almost all my posts! Im really so touched by all your lovely words and they mean so much to me! <3 thank you

    Luna: thankss!(: i'll check out your blog too!

    DespinaT: thank you! i love em too(:

    Tasha: haha thanks for the answer babe! I keep forgetting their names! <3

    Annie: thanks annie! <3

  9. Those pictures are really beautiful ! and my suitcases came from Oysho.

    xox, M.

  10. Cute outfit! Love those flower pics as well.