Monday, July 11, 2011

milk and bon bons

yesterday was a lazy and unproductive sunday, as always. i don't know why but i always feel lethargic on sundays; especially after lunch. hence, i often rush my assignments and it disappoints me.

recently i have found a new passion/hobby (if you have been reading my blog i think you will notice?). and that hobby is simply taking pictures of food. i call it foodography! (:

ok so i was rummaging through my fridge to find something cute as props (haha). and i also had to take in mind the colour scheme i was heading for. which is, as you can see in the pictures, pinkish tones! hence, the milk and little bon bons( i have no idea what they're called but i used to eat them when i was little!)

photographing these cute things make me so happy(!) i like adjusting where it should be placed, playing with the composition, the lighting, what props to add in, making sure everything is close to perfect, yada yada...

dont they look so cute stacked ._.

i just had to dive in and eat one.

*doorbell* - went to answer it....

*walks back*
whatonearth!? DARN RATS!


  1. yum!

  2. Hi! I like this post so much, really great!They must be delicious!
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  3. I love to play around taking photos too, especially when I have something else I should be doing ;)

  4. Loving the foodography - definitely keep it up!!

  5. hahah i like the crumbs photo and the little story too xx misstea & co.

  6. Marie: haha! me too):

    charleston: thanks! u have got a wicked fashion sense (:

    fabrizia: thanks love! i'll check your blog out too! x

    myhideaway: haha exactly! photographing still life objects are really fun, huh(:

    Vanessa: thank you! you are such a talented lady(:

    misstea: hi again fiona! (hehe) thank you! that happened spontaneously :p

  7. that looks SO GOOD ! *trots to the fridge and takes out tim tams and milk* =)

  8. Tellyourselftobemyself: hahaha! sigh im feeling a chocolate crave now. >.<