Saturday, September 20, 2014


Another wonderful fragrance from Hugo Boss. It's feminine, strong, and independent. It starts off fresh & green, then turns to a musky/creamy smell - then subsides to a very gentle, slightly powdery rose. I really love this one. It's a beautiful, dewy fragrance that is long lasting and builds over time - becoming deeper and more sophisticated. 

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Travel south-east from Da Nang city by car/bus for about half an hour, and you'll find this very lovely town called Hoi An. Hoi An was my favourite part of the whole trip. Every corner and street of this little town has so much character and charm. If you enjoy street food, old architecture, wandering and finding quiet alleyways , then Hoi An is the perfect place to visit. I wish I stayed longer - I only spent a night there. If you really want to absorb the culture and see all there is to see, then I'd say 3-5 days would be just nice. 

If you love French cuisine, and looking for somewhere fancy to dine at, then you should give Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort a try. We went there for dinner, and boy, did I sure stuff my face.. I didn't manage to take all the photos of what they served - lighting wasn't helping and mostly because I was so excited to eat … heh. But if you ever do get the chance to go, please oh please try the Banana Chocolate Crepes - heavenly.

However, my love for street food will always prevail. Can't get enough of my favourite Vietnamese dish: Pho Bo (second picture below)

Before I end, just wanna congratulate AirAsia on re-opening the route Kuala Lumpur to Da Nang and for being the only airline that connects KL to Da Nang which operates 4x weekly - every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

Thank you so much Air Asia, for the opportunity to visit Da Nang and to be a part of the Air Asia Bloggers Community. I had the best time with the friendliest people. My heart is overwhelmed and very grateful. 


Monday, September 8, 2014


Somehow I always find myself travelling back to Vietnam - absolutely no complaints about that. I was blessed to have been able to see many parts of this beautiful country - Sa Pa, being one of my favourites. Vietnam exudes a chaotic but nostalgic charm that I find very calming and familiar. Whenever I'm there, I feel like I went back in time and got transported to an ancient world where work and the busyness of life didn't matter anymore. 

When AirAsia contacted me and asked if I was interested to go on a trip to Da Nang, Vietnam - all expenses paid for - I knew I couldn't decline. So a week or so later, we (a handful of bloggers and I + AirAsia crew) got on the inaugural flight and headed north-east.

Da Nang, compared to the other places I've been in Vietnam is more sedated and has less tourist (which I prefer). However this city is rapidly developing and on its way to becoming a new attraction for many - especially those who enjoy basking in the sun and relaxing by the beach. Speaking of the beach, it is definitely the highlight of Da Nang city. It has a coastline of 30 kilometres and is covered with silky smooth sand. I managed to score some time by the waves and submerged myself in the salty, refreshing sea before the weather decided to act up and our kayaking plans got cancelled. So if you do make a trip to Da Nang, remember to check the forecast :)

Our itinerary for the whole trip was filled with endless of activities. We visited a marble factory (apparently Da Nang is famous for their marble carvings), participated in a 5km run and represented Malaysia at the Da Nang International Marathon 2014, went up Ba Na Hills via cable car and visited  a french inspired garden called Le Jardin Des Secrets, was pampered with one of the best massages I've ever had in my life at A La Carte Hotel, and we were fed so much incredible food, it almost felt wrong. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

…will be back with the second part of my trip to Da Nang soon :)