Wednesday, September 26, 2012


photos by dad

Life so far has been good and there hasn't been much problems. Or maybe there are, but I try not to focus on them because they really are not worth sulking about. I can say my walk with God is getting more stable, I do hope it stays this way. I just feel myself trusting God more and more with everything I do. And I'm so thankful and blessed to be where I am right now. From financial issues (which He amazingly takes care of everyday. I don't even know how I am able to always have just enough for the day), to my family (getting closer and opening up more with my brother, especially), and to my soulmate and best friend (who has been making me smile everyday). I am truly thankful to have such people in my life. 

If you didn't realize already, I'm kinda taking a breather from fashion/outfit posts. Or more like slowing it down a notch. But I still will post every now and then :) Well, this is only happening because of my sponsors. Amazing amazing sponsors that send me clothes to blog about. Gah. It's crazy.. But I am so thankful to each and every one of them! And thank you to my newest sponsor, Wicket, for this top I'm wearing here. I paired it with a new bright yellow skirt I got for a steal. Hmmm.. Red and yellow.. I look like I should be working at Mcdonalds. :)

Mark 12:31
"'And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' The second is this: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these."

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Beautiful music. I could listen to this all day and just think and think and think and think about everything.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


My darling, My daughter…

How are you, My beautiful child? I have missed you, I’ve been wondering where you have been. I feel as though I have spent so long watching you, being there for you, just waiting for you to notice Me.

You often feel that in a crowded room; you’re alone.. Don’t you notice me at the back of the room, as you dance about in your world? I’m watching you from a distance, from where you left Me when you pushed Me to the side, hid My word in your backpack,  closed the pages of your journal when someone asked what you were writing; for fear of what others might think of Me, your Father.

I’m still here, sometimes I see you looking for Me, at the end of the day - when everyone else has gone home, and you’re laying in your bed, staring out the window. When you go into the bathroom, wipe off your make-up, and remember who you naturally are… I hear your heart looking for Me. I’m there My beautiful girl; when you stare at your reflection, and you cringe at the way your nose turns slightly out at the bottom, or the way your freckles aline perfectly across your cheeks. When you purse your lips at the colour of your skin, the shape of your hairline, and the way your lips don’t always rest perfectly together. You never seem to like what you see, and I try to reach out to you, and explain why I painted your face that way, why I intricately sketched your lips to fall together the way they do - but you’re too busy for me, it seems you always are these days… Splashing inks of red, creams, browns and blacks across your face; hiding the masterpiece that I created you to be; sometimes I worry you have forgotten who you truly are, My child.

I see you each week, stepping through your routines, meeting your friends, and making time to talk. I know you probably wish I wasn’t My dear, but I find Myself falling jealous to the time you have for everyone but Me. I wonder; do you remember last Sunday, when you promised we would have coffee together, when you said you were sorry for all the times you left me waiting, sitting and hoping you would arrive; I waited with my arms filled to overflowing. I prepared gifts for you each time you said we would meet… I wrapped grace in a parcel, perfectly and sweetly; for all the times you did Me wrong. I folded compassion and love into a neat bundle, with a ribbon of acceptance around it, gently tied with care and concern for you - for all the times you felt unwanted, unloved and alone, the times you felt no one cared… I waited for you, but you did not come; lately dear, you rarely come…

I fell to My knees for you today, I begged for your company in some kind of way.
I fell to My knees and I called out your name, hoping maybe, you’d do the same.

But I waited again, I sat waiting for you; in a crowded room, where no body knew; that you had promised Me your time, for a short moment or two. I waited patiently for you, because you are worthy of My time, I consider you much more important than any other creation of Mine. It was then and there, I stood to my feet, and found you somewhere new… From across the room, I noticed you… You had forgotten about Me, My princess - but I hadn’t forgotten about you.

I’ve played hide and seek with you; I promised I would find you, and surely I did. When it came to your turn to come to Me, My dear, I waited for so long - only to find, you lost interest in our time together. I’ve played tag with you; I chased you, and chased you, and chased you again, I’ll never give up chasing you… Not until the very end. But when you chased Me back; that’s what gave Me great joy, to have you reach out your arms to Me; calling My name, telling Me you want Me, you need Me… It was beautiful, but short lived. - I wonder where you have gone My child; don’t you know I miss you?

I know you love encouragement, inspiration and conferences with great speakers; you love the hype of My word, and the gift of My life - but when it comes to the crunch, and you’re the star of the show - I long to be front row and centre, proudly cheering you on. But instead you buy me no ticket, and there I am; waiting for you again, at the back of a crowded room.

My daughter, do you remember when you told me you couldn’t go on? When tears stained your cheeks, and you found it hard to breathe - you sat weeping from a distance, but all of a sudden, you found support? That caring friends hand on your shoulder; the text message from your sister, the facebook message you received; it was not merely a coincidence, it was a small reminder of how lovingly I care for you.

I miss you My daughter, I miss the way you would take time for Me; and keep it
I miss the way you would proudly tell your friends about My faithfulness, and believe it.
I miss you desiring Me, wanting Me, and Hungering for Me; desperately and longingly, wanting more of Me. You have forgotten Me, My Child…

My heart is breaking for you; please come back to Me?
I’ll be waiting where you left Me, at the back of the crowded room.

Lovingly and longingly, prayerfully and passionately signed;
Your Father, Your Lord, Your King, Your Best Friend, Your Comforter, Your Counsellor. 

writen by Jacinta

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


photos by Serena

 / top: Garage / skirt: Wicket / platforms: Forever21 / 

Again, being spontaneous and random, Serena and I had a night shoot. It was so fun to shoot at night! Serena got spooked out when I started to joke about ghosts. Haha thank goodness there wasn't any in the photos. I actually really like how the photos turned out. The absence of sunlight makes the background pitch black, which is super cool! Haha i'm weird like that.

Big thank you to the sponsors of this outfit! The incredibly cute Christmas top is from Garage and the red velvet skirt is from Wicket. I guess that's how the title came about; christmas... ghosts... hmm. :) 

John 15:12
This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been meaning to share about my latest sponsor here, but I got a little carried away with school and friends. Anyway, I'm glad I found some time to finally blog about it! Wicket, is a Singaporean based online shop that sells really pretty clothes. I mean, seriously. You should definitely check it out. Their newest collection has lots of amazing neon pieces. I am in utter love with this dress

This onion and floral print top is too cute! It's one of the pieces I was blessed enough to have. Oh and also the Wicket team are generous enough to offer a special discount to readers of my blog. All you gotta do is mention 'twist chic' in the order form and you'll immediately get 10% off any item except the ones on sale. :) happy shopping!

Philippians 4:12
I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


photos by Serena Gan / edits by me

Serena and I have been planning on this mermaid shoot for a very very long time now. We were so excited to collab again! One of the many things we have in common; photography. We're crazy and we'll do pretty much anything under the sun to get the photos we want. It's unfortunate though. We didn't manage to get clear photos of me underwater; didn't get a photo of the tail Serena sewed herself!! Apparently the camera gets all out of focus and cranky when you put it in water. Or maybe we just didn't know how to work it. haha. Whatever it is. We were pretty bummed! But we managed to snap these few! We decided that the blurry effects was actually really pretty and suited the whole mermaid theme. Haha. Or, we were just trying to make ourselves feel better. 

Anyway! I had a blast editing these photos. But even without editing, they were really good by themselves. And this is also why I dyed my hair pink. You know... cause mermaids have coloured hair? :) 

Colossians 3:17
And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Friday, September 14, 2012


When I was about sixteen or so, my aunt shared with me her experience on finding her true love; whom she is married to now. The story is pretty vague to me, since I have really bad memory. But I remember  the important parts of it. She told me about trusting God and being patient with love. She said that I had to be aware of the people around me, that there will be a lot of guys in my life that may seem like they are 'the one'. She told me not to rush things. Enjoy my teenage years just being friends and finding who I really am as a person; taking these moments to mature my mind and heart. Okay now I remember clearly! The main message was: don't go searching. Instead, let it be God willing and let love come to you. She told me to tell the Lord what kind of guy I want to marry, to list out my future husband's characters, personality, goals in life.. And so I did. I told Jesus that I will not jump into any relationship until I know that it's by His timing that he brought that special someone into my life. Being single was amazing. It helped me grow and be more independent. I had lots of time to do my own stuff and to build my foundation and relationship with God. 

I guess the saying 'good things come to those who wait' is applied here. After  years of being patient, I think I finally found him. He's the sweetest and most thoughtful guy I've ever known. He inspires me and motivates me to look at life in a different way. He's a little softy with a tough exterior. He makes me laugh all the time and oh my goodness.. has such good taste in music!! I could go on and on about him. He's just amazing. I know no one is perfect and I know we have our dark sides. But what I love about him is that he works on being a better person everyday, which makes me want to do the same.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


photos by me

Times like these, I don't even know what to write. Cause every feeling and thought can very well be expressed through these photos. I am happy. Truly happy for the friends in my life. Whether its just a handful of them. At least I've found friends that I know will have my back. At least I want to believe so. But whatever happens tomorrow, at least we've had today. 

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


photos by Serena

Spent half the day with my dearest friend, Serena. We had a spontaneous little shoot too; no surprise there! I wore this Cute Granny Vintage dress with my mom's vintage bustier bag. I felt like such a grandma in this outfit, and Serena said I looked like a nurse. Haha I'll take that as a compliment! I have had such a good semester break, even though it was pretty short. Too short in fact. But I managed to spend lots of time with my loved ones. 

So its decided and done. I've deferred a few subjects this sem. I don't know how it's going to be like without my closest friends that were with me since day one of college. Cause after this semester, I won't be in the same classes as them anymore. It's scary, to start over and make new friends. But I don't want to worry about that for now. Just take it day by day. My faith in Jesus is bigger than before. I know that this is what he wants for me, because there is calmness within me when I made that decision. I'm also really excited. Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so people can improve each other.