Thursday, July 21, 2011

Urbanscapes '11

Last week i attended Urbanscapes (a creative art festival), for the very first time. I'm still wondering why i haven't heard about it until this year. I really enjoyed myself there; although all i really did was shop. There were so many thrift stores that sold unique things at really good bargains. Unfortunately me and my friend Juliana didn't bring as much cash as we would have liked to if we knew there was gonna be that much of lovely things for sale!

cute fabrics! i got some for myself too.

very very pretty lip balm packaging!!

juliana doing what she does best ; shopping!

handmade soap that smelled rather sweet

rings galore! no, this is just a teeny weeny section.

my girls thrifting!

dessert spread that looked absolutely yummy! regretted not trying those macaroons!! ):


  1. That festival looks great, I wish we had something like that here. Lovely pictures, everything looks so nice.

  2. awwwh! <3 i wish i went! i almost did though. ): sigh. will there be one next year? i've seen some of those stalls before at a little handmade mini flea market! i want to thrift some clothes and some of those beautiful rings. O.O totally ogling them! xxx

  3. omg i went to a very similar market in my area just last sunday :)!
    everything looks so pretty.

  4. Very nice photos!!! I'm following you and I would be happy if you follow my blog about jewelry and accessories trends

  5. omg everything looks so great ! wish i was there.

    xoxo, m.

  6. aaaah all the pictures are inviting

  7. These photos are so beautiful, your photography is fantastic! :)

  8. I love the effects of these photos, all that thrifting looked like so much fun!

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

  9. beautiful photos! wish I could be there!
    xx Luna

  10. ahh yes, everything here looks delectable :) partly because your photo skills are sooo pro :P

  11. I awarded your blog award "Universal Blog"