Monday, November 7, 2011


and then it hit me. im already a year older. not eighteen anymore. but nineteen.

honestly, its been such an amazing year for me. i've seen, tried and accomplished more than i thought i could. i've discovered new friends, started by own business (tote loving), had opportunities to design as a freelancer, received a sponsorship, took more photos than ever, learned something new everyday, discovered things about myself that i never knew before, and the list goes on...

but i couldn't have achieved any of it by my own strength. truly it was only by the mercy and grace of the lord. everyday he walked with me. even on days where i neglected Him, pushed Him aside because i was too busy with my own goals of life. He constantly knocked on my door, waiting for me to answer it. but my mind had been more occupied with worldly things..

This year.. is a colourful year. but its only nothingness if my spiritual walk with God isn't right. there are many times when i tried to get back on my feet and walked the right path, God's path. yet many times i failed. its so difficult to mend those wounds. especially with this pace i've set myself on.

so with a new birthday, a new beginning more like it, i want to pursue this as my ultimate goal in life; putting Jesus first.


  1. this whole post is so beautiful and touching. i absolutely understand what you said about neglecting Him and being preoccupied with life. :) happy belated birthday to you, love. +that is a stunning photograph! x