Sunday, October 30, 2011

she's magic

this is kyeli, my gorgeous cousin. she helped model for me (thanks kyles!) for one of my photography assignments which required to be taken at night. had so much fun taking photos of her with the help of our trusty prop organizer, lishyen! (her lil sis).


  1. wow wow wow! these are amazing. i love them, Sue Lyn. your cousin is a gem. :) i've been looking desperately for models but i'd most probably only do plenty of shoots after spm. :( it's close to torture to wait that long! x

  2. gorgeous pics!!!! and ur cousin super pretty! :)

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    xoxo jenna

  3. this looks amazing!
    You're such an awesome photographer.

  4. I love the editing, how cute! It really looks great, you did an amazing job! I am starry-eyed forsure. xxAnisa

  5. Galaxy photos are so pretty,I enjoy looking at them, it has a dreamy feel to it. Your cousin was a perfect model for you :)

  6. thanks for the kind words girls <3