Friday, October 28, 2011

halloween spirit

photo credit to my lookbook photographer, Jules! x

romper: su-estilo
cardi: su-estilo
sunnies: petaling street / RM8 STEALLLL!

lookbook is now spookbook. and their site is all orange and black now. that's where i got my the inspiration for this look! oh and my friend nadine said i looked like a pumpkin. i agree!

. . .

its friday! finallyyy. hope you guys had a good week! mine was rather tiring. what's new?! haha.
anyway, two weeks ago, i went for a little halloween party organized by my college. i know i know, a taaad bit early to celebrate huh? :p but oh well! i enjoyed myself immensely (: a spontaneous take on my outfit for the night. right after class was over the girl's and i walked over to toys 'r' us and i decided to go as minnie mouse. i bought my other pair of ears + bow from there; for only RM5! as you can see in the photos below, i didn't do an exceptionally good job at the whole make over. opted for a heart-ty topshop dress because its the closest thing to the polka dot dress minnie wears? well, at least i had the white gloves!


  1. your outfit looks so lovely. the orange of your dress is perfect! :) and those halloween party photos looks so fun! i've never been to an actual costume party before unfortunately. :( and your sunnies! wow only rm8?! i must get down to petaling street asap. i've been looking for the perfect pair of wayfarer-like sunnies for ages but never found them x

  2. hi tasha!! thank you! and yes, only rm8! (well, it was 15 at first.. but im a good bargainer:p) go get yours! x