Wednesday, August 24, 2011

beating the heat

a week ago my friends and i got together for a shoot! (yes, the love for photography is pretty much in all of us). I thought it was quite amusing how there was going to be 4 photographers and 2 models. to be specific, chris, mel, serena and i were the photographers and jules and amanda the models. but nevertheless we all got some good shots. the only thing that kept us feeling lethargic and drench in sweat was the blazing heat and sun rays. we learned our lesson that day. never to shoot outdoors at noon.

anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures!

. . .

behind the scenes

all pictures by me


  1. Lovely photos they are so ballerina- like and romantic.

  2. i agree with Andrea, such beautiful, serene, romantic photographs Sue Lyn! <3 love the clothes too! xxx

  3. Love your skirt, very pretty pictures!

  4. sue your photos look like they're straight out of a fashion magazine, you and your friends are such talented photographers!! i lovee your friend's blouse :) btw what does the huge circular thing in the last photo do?

  5. these pictures are gorgeous ♥
    love the mood!!

  6. These are so adorable! I love the lighting and coloring! xo

  7. nice blog n pic here. U are in handmade too...great! ;-)

  8. I love your pictures I love the dress is beautiful!!
    God Bless you!!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Page Fan

  9. Your pictures are too cute, always! It looks like so much fun! Love that you guys all have photography in common, yay! xxAnisa