Thursday, August 4, 2011

friends and a salad bar

On tuesday my close friends (serena and amanda) and i had a very spontaneous lunch together. We met at a nearby restaurant called Salad Bar. And guess what we ordered! :p

that's what i ordered. i think its called teriyaki chicken salad? or something along that line. it tasted yummy with their special peanut dressing

the menu, which explains the benefits of their products. i think it kinda makes you feel good about yourself after reading the benefits. well it did for me!

serena's lunch. she's a vegetarian so no meat(:

opted for fresh orange juice. i think the colours here are kinda pretty.

amanda's aglio olio. she found it too oily. but in my opinion, that's the point! (haha)

they look so happy(: it must be the healthy stuff!

i like that plant.

I'll post what i wore that day another time. I'm too sleepy and lazy right now. goodnight and i love you!


  1. All the food looks so yummy! Salad Bar looks like a really cool place.

  2. i want to go to the Salad Bar, everything looks delicious. <3 where is it at?! xxx

  3. jane: haha yes and the food taste good too!

    tasha: you should! its a nice place to have lunch with your friends. its at Uptown, Damansara.(:

  4. Gorgeous! Looks like you guys had fun! :D

  5. wow i have no idea what laugen and ciaba are but they look amazing, and for a second i thought she was pouring chocolate into her salad!! :O

  6. fiona: hahaha i didn't notice those weird names of the buns! thanks for pointing out:p