Tuesday, August 2, 2011


yay! finally some time to blog about this week's lookbook outfit. ok, as for the title of this post, i really do think i look like a grandma especially with those quirky classes (that somehow doesn't fit my face) and super super delicious vintage-like blazer that i love so much!

i never expected the colours of this whole look to look this 'dull' or this shade of 'dirty mustard'. but i have to admit, i kinda like it! what do you guys think? (:

those shoes that i love immensely but kill my feet, everytime i walk for more than 2 hours in them ):

floral blazer: local
lace skirt: zara
clutch: flea market/urbanscapes
shoes: singapore
pleated belt: su-estilo.com


  1. I am in love with the colors of this outfit! Mustard-y yellow is my fav! My mom describes me as a granny teehee :P twinsies? xxAnisa

  2. I am following you! love your style and that vintage looking blazer is amazing! love it! hope you follow back. :)


  3. wow. this is such a beautiful outfit! i love how vintage it is, and those glasses do suit your face well. (: you look adorable! xxx

  4. oh so beautiful combination of your outfits! and I just totally love it!! <3
    wanna follow? :)

    sweet and sugars,

  5. Gorgeous outfit! The jacket and the shoes are my favorite! :)

  6. Anisa: glad you like it! haha yeah i think we do have similar taste in fashion! twins indeed(:

    Joanna: thank you(:

    Tasha: hahah really? i think it makes my face look scrunched up. But i can't resist not using them! and thank u! xx

    Predani:thank u! sure, i'll follow you(:

    ieka: hmm why melting? haha

    claire: thank u claire!

    Julia: thank u julia(;

  7. i have a similar blazer! this is so dreamy and perfect! I love your feminine style..so very sweet!

    Am your newest follower. I hope we can be blogger friends.:)


  8. mestizay: really? where did you get your's from?(: Yes, i do hope we'll be friends! thank you for the sweet words!

  9. You have a beautiful outfit really super cute! A lot like me! God bless you!