Friday, May 25, 2012


It's pretty late now. Past my bedtime and I'm so sleepy! But I feel the urge to write this before I forget
and lose the words that are floating about in my head wanting to escape. (Where do I even start...) Okay, I'll start with, "thank you!". Yes. That is the main reason why I am even blogging now. To those who actually took the time to read and comment on the previous post; wow. Just wow. I honestly never thought people would even bother reading such a long post full of text! I am so touched by every one of your comments, girls. It's quite comforting to know that I'm not the only one who felt that way about blogging. And it opened my eyes to see how blogging affected us all in a similar way. What I'm truly touched about is your motivating and encouraging words. I thought I felt better after releasing my thoughts there. But boy. I feel so so so much better after reading your comments! I don't know how to thank you girls enough. For being here for me. 

ps; My blogging mood has switched back on (thanks to you girls) and I'm so excited to show you what's behind all that fuzziness in the picture above. I'm currently very busy with school work and other stuff that life brings. So the next post might take awhile! But soon I promise :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Proverbs 11:14 
Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, looking forward to your posts :)


  2. Yay! That's really good to hear <3

  3. Waiting for your updates. :)