Thursday, April 11, 2013


Finally found some time to blog about the Hugo Boss event I attended last month. I was blessed to have been invited to the Hugo Red launch party. Even more blessed that I could bring Mesh along! What I love about events like this is that I get to meet new people who are (mostly) working in the advertising/design field. And yes, I did meet a few really interesting and friendly people. :)

Moving on to the fragrance! I must say.. Hugo Boss Red is very unique. It changes scent from a citrus-y to a woody smell after spraying it on yourself. How cool is that!? If only I were a guy! I would definitely wear it all the time. Yes, it's a fragrance for men. 

So what is the concept behind the fragrance? Red Means Go basically means... to GO on red! Which means to push boundaries. The fragrance is built around two contrasting accords : the 'Solid Chill' accord and the 'Liquid Heat' accord - which reflects the different facets of cold and hot metal.

As seen in the image below,  the 'Solid Chill' accord combines grapefruit and rhubarb to create a bitter fresh accord with a metallic accent that stimulates the underlying strength of solid metal. While the 'Liquid Heat' accord is characterised by cedar wood and hot amber that blend together to convey the heat and fluidity of red-hot metal. The transition between the two states of metal illustrates the idea of adapting under intense pressure; of going beyond natural limits to create something new and unique!

*ps; 'Red Means Go' doesn't apply to traffic lights* :p


  1. omgoodness. such wonderful pictures! something diff from the usuals!:) hope you will get invited to more events! also, may i know what pen (or what tool? not sure what do you call it.) in photoshop (assuming you use photoshop to do it!)do you use to write your words! thanks!

  2. Yes, I've been wondering about the same thing too! Do you use a Bamboo pad for it or something? So lucky to be invited to such exciting events!

    Hani Lutfi

  3. Thanks girls! <3

    I use a 'pencil' stroke brush on photoshop. You can try googling it! :) and yes, i use Bamboo Fun Wacom tablet

  4. So glad that you're going to events and you make a knowledgeable and worthy post out of it! Go go go Sue, so proud of you!