Monday, November 26, 2012


photos taken by Juliana

Dress : Topshop (gift from my girlfriends)  |  Hair accessory : H&M 

I find myself more and more tired everyday now that the semester is ending. Sometimes I don't even feel like blogging - like now. But typing out my thoughts help me clear my mind and gives me space to think about newer things. This week has been pretty intense (why do I feel like I say that in every blog post).  Both happy and sad moments happened. But that's the journey of life, right? I'm also struggling to find quiet times with God nowadays. What I hate is that I'm aware that I'm not putting effort into devotions anymore but I still don't do anything. It's really hard.. Balancing life. But I know He's here with me everyday. Even when I don't talk feel him, my faith is still strong and I trust His promise to me - that He will never forsake me. 

2 Samuel 22:31
This God - his way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him.


  1. That dress is GORGEOUS on you! Loving the cut and color!


  2. such pretty, stunning photos! i love the softness in this series, and the light is so lovely. :) admittedly i'm not a religious person but i think i know just enough to know that the fact that you realize you've not been having enough time/putting in enough effort when it comes to having some quiet time with God says a lot. i think that when people know that, they will always find a way back to Him, in fact, i don't think you've ever left. sometimes we all just get caught up in our lives. like you said, that's the journey of life, there are bad times as well as good times. :) i hope you will find some peace soon and that you'll be blessed with strength and all things good in the last few weeks of this sem! xxxx