Thursday, November 15, 2012


photos by me

I am so blessed. I don't feel like I deserve any of these lovely things. But I am thankful, very thankful indeed. The bouquet of flowers are from M. I love flowers! I was really happy when he surprised me with them. Sigh, oh the pretty things don't last do they? But I did make pressed flowers - they are now in between the papers of my notebook. Looking as beautiful as ever. Thank you for the roses! My girlfriends got me a neon orange dress from Topshop. Coincidently I was eyeing on it the first time I saw it when it was on sale. But even with the sale on, I couldn't buy it. Sigh. But here it is! In my hands. Mine. Thank you Amanda, Juliana and Nadine! I was also surprised by the mail man with a parcel sent from Destiny - owner of Cute Granny Vintage. She sent me these lovely flower crowns. I was such a happy girl, crying tears of joy while laughing and constantly repeating "oh my god". Thank you so much Destiny! I got a vintage recipe book as well - a surprise gift from my dearest friend Serena whom is all the way in London. I love it and I can't wait to write in it! Thank you Shinz! And lastly, thank you to my high school friend MeiJing for the beauty masks! hehe. I found it pretty funny finding facial masks in the parcel - but nevertheless I think it's a great gift. My face needs moisturizing. :)

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.


  1. You must feel so loved! Haha and i love love love the tones of your photos. Also, thanks for the help the other day hehe :)

    1. thank you! And yeah, I really did feel very loved (': you're also very welcome! glad I could help. haha x

  2. did you put that on top of your bed heading? lol.
    aren't you not scared if one day you had a bad dream and awoke with a jolt to find out that vase spilling all over your face? LOL :P i can imagine XD

  3. My my your gifts are surrounded by flowers, lucky girl you! In case the flowers were bent during the delivery, you know how to adjust them dear Suelyn, and there're hidden knots for the mini rose crowns!

  4. such beautiful gifts! <3 i love the burgundy roses headband! ahhh they're all so pretty. :) can't wait to have a shoot with you! i know it'll be so much fun and you honestly have the best clothes and sense of style xxxx

  5. The hair band with flowers look so beautiful.