Saturday, February 4, 2012

Le Macaron

One day I got bored and decided to take photos of these babies I bought at a nearby bakery. They looked pretty but just tasted of sugar (is that how macaroons are supposed to taste of?) Anyway, I placed them near the window for good lighting, and added a doily paper and some cloth. You know. To make the photo look good?

So these are the few pictures that I liked. After post processing them, it just looked like it needed some typography elements. And then, that's how I came up with a "make-believe" french brand, Le Macaron! teehee.

I've always wanted to design a logo/brand for a cafe or a restaurant. If you are an owner of a cafe/restaurant and is in need of a new brand look/ logo, hire me please!

I'd be the happiest girl alive.


  1. Replies
    1. hi claire! (: um looks can be quite deceiving! :p

  2. i love your creative mind when taking photos!

  3. ooh I can defs imagine your photos being hyped on tumblr!!

  4. these are so lovely, lovely, lovely. fingers crossed that a bakery will hire you to design their logo and stuff! :) i reckon they'd be the luckiest bakery around! xxx

    1. thank you((((: yes! fingers crossed to one day! :p xx