Thursday, December 15, 2011


just got back from a long day! today was pretty eventful. woke up first thing in the morning to do a shoot for a friend. we took photos around the park beside my house. and fed breakfast to the mozzies with our blood. mm yum...
after that i met up with serena and the girls! oh its so good seeing her again. she still has a profound malaysian slang and hasn't picked up a british accent just yet! basically we bonded over sushi, long walks in the mall, crying while watching 'new years eve', and indulging on taiwanese desserts. today is perfect.


  1. that is such a lovely photograph! :) and i'm so glad you had such a perfect day, hun. i wish my friend, Serena, would come back home from Canada. how was new years eve? :) i've not been sure whether to watch it or not! xx

  2. thank you tasha! the movie was really good! you should def watch it(: thanks for stopping by! x