Thursday, April 18, 2013


As much as I love fashion, art, food, etc... I have a soft spot for old people - joyful old people, to be specific. Today, started off just like any other ordinary day, I somehow decided to go to this tailor that I pass by almost every day. From outside, it looked like a really old and charming tailoring shop. It always catches my eye whenever I passed by when I'm on the way home. It has some kind of retro/vintage vibe that looked very welcoming. I absolutely love how it feels so nostalgic! Reminded me of my grandparents place - a place where I grew up playing in the garden with the chickens running around chasing us. Those were one of my best memories - being a family with all my relatives. 

Anyway (trying to stay on topic), today I took the opportunity to get some clothes tailored. So I went. As I stepped in, I was immediately welcomed by a lady (who is i'm guessing around her late 50s and is also a customer there). She seemed reaaallly really friendly and so bubbly! She speaks fluent english too. She helped me communicate with Mr.Pang, the tailor and owner of the place. He doesn't understand much english. So I was really blessed to have that lady there to help me out, if not I would have to struggle to explain to Mr.Pang my tailoring needs. 

So I'm looking around the interior and I immediately fell in love with the charm of it. The old people smell, the crooked and small family picture frames on the cracked walls, the dusty shelves and tables that are filled with quirky nick-nacks... I loved every bit of it. And Mr.Pang... Sweet sweet Mr.Pang. I've never seen such a joyful spirit in such an old man before. His happiness is so overwhelming. Just looking at him and (tried) talking to him made me genuinely happy too. It somehow touched my heart. This man who makes just enough to survive to support him and his lovely wife and this little home/shop, is fulfilled and content with his life and is plain happy. I want that. 

I want to look at my life and be happy. I want to grow old with my husband and live in a small house and fill it with things that meant something. I want a cluttered mess with raw beauty that you can never buy with money. I want to be less materialistic and look towards a life that is filled with love and people and joy. The simple things in life, you know? 

It's so hard to not be materialistic and selfish when we have to strive to be "someone" in this competitive world. But I want to believe that there's always a balance in life. I'm still finding that.. I guess it all boils down to my christian faith. I find myself more happier when I put God first, and let everything else in life fall into its place. 


  1. I completely can relate, the way you described the old man. Thank God for the funny, quirky, heart warming people he puts in our way, yeah? :)

  2. The shop board is timeless, epic I should say! I love that your blog covers a lot of things in life other than fashion, just makes you so special and close. xx.Des

  3. Your blog is just beautiful and your style of photography is stunning defo adding you to my blog list :)

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