Wednesday, March 6, 2013


collage by me  |  photos by lushburry

Hello! So before I blog about Lush Burry and what it is, I really want to say how much i'm overwhelmed by your kind and very touching comments on my giveaway post below. I never knew that there were so many people who were silent readers - so it's really nice hearing from you. If only I could meet you girls in person and give you a big hug. Thank you again and again, sincerely. 

. . . 

So onwards to Lush Burry! Lush Burry is a new local (Malaysian based) online boutique that consists of other different online boutiques put into one site. It's unique this way because you can find a different variety of products/ fashion styles in one place. Featuring brands from Phat Culture (Malaysian) to Wicket (Singaporean) and many more. Do hop by their official website and facebook page and show some love to this new local brand that is willing to give you girls a good e-shopping experience! :)

* ps!! Lush Burry is giving a 10% discount to the first 10 people who purchase anything from their shop from now onwards (specially for those who read this blog). Just mention this code: LB0010 and you'll instantly get 10% off. Plus, its free shipping!

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  1. oooh those are some lovely clothes! I'll have to see if shipping to the Netherlands isn't too much though...thanks for sharing x