Tuesday, February 26, 2013


photo and edit by me 

Days like these... feels like the whole world is on my shoulder. My mind racing with to-dos and more to-dos... Tuesdays especially. Always the craziest day of the week. I told myself i'm not going to touch my assignments tonight - and that, I can do. :) I guess we all need to slow down sometimes and just unwind. Breathe a little. Or a lot... Ok, a lot. And stare into nothingness and do nothing, and be ok with that. Being unproductive for awhile is always a good thing. It also gets me excited to start being productive again though. So, goodnight now world, and good morning to some. Hope you rest in God every now and then. I shall be doing that tonight. 


  1. i love the photo's idea! was going to use that, but no skills. HAHA

    nice nice! take a vacation.

    1. aw thanks Bryan :)) I'm sure you can do it as well! its quite easy!!
      I'll teach u if you want. haha