Thursday, August 2, 2012


photos by mom

Second post today. I guess I feel better already. Thanks girls, for the kind words you left on that post. Anyway, I have missed dressing up to take outfit photos so much. I'm really glad mom helped me take these even though it was really hot. Thanks mom! I wore this to a lunch date with her at Bonjour Cafe. Remember I blogged about it? Well something exciting happened after blogging about it. I got a thank you email from them and they also sent me a voucher for another dining experience. Hmm, would you say its karma? Either way I'm so thankful. I wore this candy cane top from Cute Granny Vintage with my new favourite bag from Club Mod. I love them both! I use the bag almost everyday to college now. Big enough to fit my dslr and other junk. :) And I love that it's a backpack! So comfy and doesn't strain the shoulders like how my other sling bag does. 

* * *

Also, I'm discovering new things about a person I never knew before. And it's rather nice to know that there's someone who thinks like you; share the same views on life. I think everyone should have someone like that in their life. Someone who can walk this life with you and inspire you at the same time. I hope I never lose you as a friend. I think you know who you are. 

People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don't think that's true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world. - Kim Culbertson


  1. You have such cute style! The shoes are absolutely perfect. ♥

  2. A simply cute outfit. And yeah, your shirt kinda reminds me of candy cane :p

    Come and hail to my cruise~

  3. Bonjour from your newest follower! I love your blog and your adorable style. I visited Malaysia a few times before when I was studying abroad in Singapore. Your blog makes me miss it so much! <3