Tuesday, August 14, 2012


photos by dad

I got this gorgeous sparrow print top from Covetz too long ago! Way before my finals. But I didn't have any time to blog about it. Finally now with my semester break in gear, I can do the things I have been postponing to do! One of them is dying my hair; dip dye to be more precise! I was thinking lilac. We'll see! I'm going to check out the price after publishing this post. Keeping this post short and sweet. Hope you all are well and happy :) God bless!

Proverbs 15:33
The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom, and humility comes before honor.


  1. What a beautiful shirt and dyeing your hair sounds lovely too. Have a great break! x

  2. Hi suelyn, could you share with us briefly how do you usually edit your photos to have that dreamy, faded feel? :)

    also, totally looking forward to your dip-dyed hair! they're gorgeous but I'm hesitant because I'm worried that it might make outfits harder to match because of its vibrant colour >_<

    anyhoos, I'm pretty damn sure it'll look pretty on you! xx

  3. lovely outfit, as always, the last pic is especially gorgeos!

    ugh I want to dip dye my hair. My sister did it and it looked absolutely gorgeous. very curious to see it on you, I bet it would suit you perfectly!


  4. such a nice top!!! love covetz... they have really nice clothes although slightly pricey!

    xoxo jenna
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  5. Hi Sue Lyn, your top is gorgeous!! Bought from covetz.com and I think they have really nice clothes, not to mention reasonable price as their pieces are unique and the materials are top notch.
    You should also check out fashionvalet.net. Both of them are my new found asos.com in Msia. :)