Sunday, June 17, 2012


photos and edits by Stef

Photography: Stefanie Tan
Make up: Stefanie & I
Dress: Covetz
Hair Styling: Stefanie

It's finally here! I've been anticipating on seeing what the talented Stefanie took at our little photoshoot session together. Firstly, let me introduce you to Stefanie before I write about the shoot. Stef is this beautiful mixed (Dutch and Chinese) 17 year old girl that I knew from church. I was never really close to her actually; I was closer to her sister, Elselyn, only when we were really little though. But one thing I love about facebook is that you can never really lose contact with your old friends. So yeah! Suddenly Stefanie dropped and message asking if I could be her model. Of course, I said yes! And from then we both were pretty excited about the shoot. Both shooting ideas back to back from the theme, props, make up, venue, etc! Ok to keep this short, I loved teaming with Stef. She's really full of ideas and she's as adventurous as me! Climbing on rocks and trees just to take a good photo; yes please. By the way, do check out her blog. It's full of wonderful photos that she captures daily.

Okay I shall leave you to the photos. I hope you like them as much as we do. We put in a lot of effort into this shoot I must say. Hey, it's not easy shooting in such hot weather with fire ants crawling all over you! Haha. Last but not least, thank you Covetz for the amazing mint dress! Definitely helped make the photos look so pretty.

Psalms 61:4
Let me live in your holy tent forever. Let me find safety in the shelter of your wings.


  1. Beautiful photos! Stefanie did a great job :).

    1. thank you! yup, Stefanie is one talented photographer :)

  2. Lovely photos! i really like this. you're a great model & Stefanie is a great photographer! =)

  3. Lovely dress and beautiful photos! I'm gonna check out the dress. =)

  4. The photos are so dreamy and lovely! :)

  5. these are such gorgeous photos, I love your dress!

  6. These look magical! x

  7. Great photos! You remind me of a fairy! This is your best photo set yet!

  8. Last picture took my breath away, literally! ! ! <3

  9. aww wow, these are gorgeous! :D very well done, girls!


  10. these are stunning! <3 love your outfit, Sue Lyn! esp the shoes hehe. :3 +this location is amazing! i'll be meeting Stefanie for the first time ever to go out and take photos at the end of this month, looking at these got me all inspired and anticipating it! xxxx