Friday, June 29, 2012


photos by Kyeli

Being a Christian is not easy. Many times I have failed to keep the faith. To be completely honest, I have not been as passionate for God these few days. I mean, I still do talk to Him everyday. But I feel.. distant, sort of. I hate how I know it's my fault, but yet I still don't do anything about it. Example; I know I have been putting other 'wordly' things before Him. Like my studies and my blog. But deep down.. I know the results of these things are never really fulfilling. Yes I am happy for a short while. But after that, all I feel is emptiness. I try to remind myself everyday 'what do I live for?'. That's the main reason why I don't want to get too attached to fashion. By that, I am referring to clothes. Yes, fashion is a great thing. It's one of the ways I can express myself and my creativity. But it becomes meaningless when you overdo it without emotion (posting for the sake of posting). I love my sponsors, very much. They've given me opportunities to get creative with my blog posts. And I am thankful they understand when I tell them I'd blog by my own pace. I cherish each item they have blessed me with. But I never want to get too attached to them. Clothes are clothes, are clothes. They have no feeling or soul. I would rather get attached to people where there are real emotions. Invest more time and energy and love in things that matter most; family and friends, and most importantly, God. 

I just needed to get that off my mind. I honestly feel much better now. I guess God has been testing my faith. I realize that now. And I hope my walk with Him gets stronger like before. 

Thank you MiruMiru for the lovely blouse. Also, thanks to Kyeli for taking these photos! I wore this to a lunch date with her yesterday. Took lots of photos too! I'll share them here soon. :) 

Psalm 86:4
Give happiness to me, your servant, because I give my life to you, Lord.


  1. I just want to say, Sue Lyn, I love your blog so much! Your photos and outfits are always stunning, and you write so well too. I'm not religious, but I love hearing what you have to say about faith etc. I really mean it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one; so thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    The blouse is lovely by the way :)


    1. dearest Megsy! Thank you for this.. Often I feel like no one really reads my writing especially when I write so much (like above). But I don't let that bother me.. It is my blog after all. But thank you for giving me encouragement to continue writing my thoughts! <3

  2. this is so lovely!

  3. i love those shoes in black, last year i brought them in emerald green from hong kong. should have gotten them in black as well :)

  4. Did you ever do ballet? I just noticed your ballerina necklace, and you have nice pointy feet in your galaxy post, that I couldn't help but ask :) Don't ever give up fashion and outfit posting though! It gives people (like me) great joy to read your posts! ^______^