Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello all! I had a little hiatus from blogging(three days seems like a long time to me); not that I wanted to, but because I've been out and about and haven't had the time to just sit down in front of my computer. This week has been pretty fun, so far. Have been spending heaps of time with my friends and my guitar.

. . .

Got these babies (above) this week as well. They're both graphic design books; the left is a branding book that came with a complimentary notebook and the other is a namecard book. They're both filled with pretty design and inspiration! Happiest buy of the month.


  1. How much you bought the "branding first" book? I got it too :)

    1. hey yeeping! Um i bought that book for about RM160 if im not mistaken?

  2. i love those books! :) and i also love new things hehe. i got a bunch this week, yay! all your graphic magic is amazing xxx

  3. Great blog!!

    I glad you visit my blog:)