Sunday, June 19, 2011

we all need breaks

this week has been a never ending whirlwind of assignments and happenings. i really couldn't even find time to blog on the weekdays.

on one breezy night i was desperate for fresh air and a space to walk aimlessly and maybe get lost in my own thoughts. i needed to empty my head from all the things happening that week.

so a walk in the park with my dog was opted for. we made some friends with the pigeons too.


  1. I like what you've done with your pcitures! I completely understand what you mean by needing alone-time after a busy week.

  2. this post is so calm and lovely! <3 and no, i'm not in australia, haha. i traveled there in april for a short vacation! (: xxx

  3. the pigeon pic is awesome. nice editing, too! get some rest!