Sunday, June 26, 2011

Liselle Model Search

picture credits: Vanessa and Speedz

Last week was nothing more of rushing assignments and projects. Thank goodness for a short break this week.

. . .

Also, my college friends and i entered a competition held by one of our lecturers whom is a fashion artist, Lisa. Basically we just had to style up ourselves with casual wear and have an essence of 'Liselle' herself ( the brand character). If you're curious about how she looks like click here! Oh! and the lucky winner will walk away with RM3000 + album cover shoot.

Results for selected top ten should be out next month! fingers crossed!


  1. love the second photo! <3 best of luck, lovely. xxx

  2. Seems like a fun competition! Good luck!


  3. good luck! not that you'll need it, im sure you'll win anyway