Monday, May 16, 2011


Last night there was a freak storm around where I live. I was home alone with my loyal dog, Husky. Never experienced something like this before. The wind was so strong it almost blew the house down! ok not really. But it was really strong; my mother's piano books and papers got blown and scattered all over the place.
That's not all.
When the rain was getting heavier, lightning stuck my house and it was so strong that the electricity got cut off. And it wouldn't switch back on! It was at night, so basically I couldn't see a thing
No, not done yet.
So, obviously I went to the house phone to call my parents. And little did i know at the time, that if there isn't electricity, then the house phone WOULDN'T WORK.
Heh. there's more.
So i shuffled in the dark to look for my mobile. Oh look! there's some good news. I found it! ... yeah the good news ends there.
So... the battery died on me. just my luck.

Haha, if you read from the beginning until here then.. wow. just, wow.

Anyway, so i basically sat in the pitch black room until my mom came back. Long story short(er), lights got back on and now i have internet connection! wooohoo! (it was torture of not having the internet for a day!)

Oh on a lighter note, I got a haircut today! well, i was supposed to cut my hair a while back. But im such a good procrastinator, its so bad. So because i didn't have internet and was bored. I decided it was time to take a trip to the hair salon.

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