Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sincere Apologies

Hello readers! Ok first off, I just wanna apologize for my lazy act around here. Im so sorry for not blogging proper posts or posting regular posts either. Sigh.

I think I came to conclusion with myself that Im a TERRIBLE blogger. haha. I don't know how other bloggers do it. Like... HOW!?

My life is starting to unfold and blossom really quickly this year. I'm so hooked up on work(my little business of tote bags), starting on some free lance work, participating in contests and lots more!

Well, yes I am really busy but, I am having the time of my life! Im so glad that im pursuing things that I love.. And little bits and pieces of my dreams are coming true very slowly!(:

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that I got featured on a local newpaper, The Star! ((: It was for a fashion article in the youth section of the paper. I was SO EXTREMELY excited when a fashion journalist emailed me asking if I wanted to be interview. Of course, with no doubts at all, I said yes! haha who wouldn't right?

I will upload the article soon! Hopefully!:p

Anyway! I just wanted to share these pictures of prom looks with you guys! I REALLY ADORE each and everyone! Especially the headbands! omgoshhh. drools much?

Hope you have a great day. Bisous!! xx

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