Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tote Loving

photography by Serena Gan and I

Hey readers! Guess what? I've designed my first ever tote bag. And its handmade! Pictures are taken from Tote Loving, an online shopping blog(: Be sure to check it out and please oh please do share with your friends on facebook!(: It would mean so so much to me.

ps: tell me what you think of the bag? & also what kind of designs would people like you would buy!(:


  1. Omg,u love graphic design?!?? I LOVE IT TOO!!! And i plan to grow up and study that field.
    I'm so glad to find someone who loves the same things i love!X) Hehe.- sonia=)

  2. oh i love the bag,its so cute
    xx ron

  3. pickmetotebag: thanks!

    Sonia: hi sonia! glad to hear that. Come to the one academy k:p

    Leandrn: thank you!