Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love For Art

photos by me

Just sharing some of my drawings from my sketchbook of doodles.
The first picture is a girl i sketched out from lookbook. Check out the actual picture here!
Kasia has amazing style and she's so gorgeous! That picture of her just urged me to draw it. Enjoy!


  1. wow you are so talented!! i love your artwork and drawings, i always love to see fashion bloggers do fashion illustrations, and you def are one of my faves :). your blog is so inspirational too, now a follower on here and blog lovin' :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. Ejvi: Thank you so much!

    Kathleen Carla: hey there thanks so much! I visited your blog too and i think you have a great sense of style. Thanks for following! (:

    DIY/the fashion building: Thank you !

    Demokrytka:hey. thank you!(:

  3. You're unbelievably talented! I wish I could draw :( fail on my part! But seriously, you got skills girl! New follower, can't wait to see what else you cook up :)


  4. Vanessa: Thanks V!

    Pisces:Thank you sooo much!

    Anisa:wow thanks so very much(: made my day! & also, thanks for following girl! <3